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Creating a registry isn't just about checking all the boxes. Tula baby carriers are made to be distinctly you, your baby and your lifestyle. That's why we partnered with our friends at Poppylist to help parents find the right products for their growing families.

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You want to create a minimal, safe space that doesn't scream baby. You care about how items will fit into your home and the space they'll take up. You subscribe to the 'less is more' mentality. 

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When purchasing, you consider how long you'll get use out of an item; you value longevity! You care about functionality and practicality and gear that can be easily shared between multiple children and caregivers.

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Graphite Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier


You've mastered the art of resourcefulness without sacrificing style or convenience. Your quest for the best deal isn't merely about pinching pennies. It's about being the savviest shopper in the room and indulging in smart savings.

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You're an early adopter, friends with Alexa, and say 'Hi, Google.' You care about convenience and having information readily available. You read consumer reports and spend time researching information before you make a purchase.

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Agate Hemp Explore baby carrier


You're concerned that having a baby increases your environmental footprint. You tend to venture outside more than in and have the gear to prove it. Your household products are clean, and you do your part to help Mother Earth.

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